It is almost time for the INKOM!

For the new students: Get to know all the sports Maastricht has to offer! You can find us at the following events:

12.30-17.30 Tour de Maastricht
16.30-19.00 Opening dinner & Walk to the Future

15.00-19.00 Festival (THE oppurtunity to play fussball with real people, come find our stand!)

15.30-18.30 Activity of Choice: Olympic Games. Challenge your friends in a game of Unihocky, Dodgeball or an obstacle race! Come to the University Sports Centre at the P. Debyeplein 15.
23.00-2.00 SCOREN Foamparty: Free entrance for the INKOM participants at D`n Hiemel

12.00-16.00 SportsEvent: THE event where ALL of Maastricht’s student sports associations gather!

For the current members: Come to all the events above & show what you have to offer!


The General Introductionweek of Maastricht, the INKOM, is organised by Workgroup INKOM on behalf of Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool ( The Workgroup INKOM is, as an organization, responsible for the whole INKOM programme. The Workgroup INKOM and Sports Council MUSST work together during the activities mentioned above.

De Algemene Introductieweek van Maastricht, de INKOM, wordt georganiseerd door de Werkgroep INKOM namens de Maastricht University en Zuyd Hogeschool ( De Werkgroep INKOM is als organisatie verantwoordelijk voor het gehele INKOM programma. De Werkgroep INKOM en Sportraad MUSST werken samen tijdens de bovenstaande activiteiten