Sports Council MUSST (Maastricht University Student Sports Council) is the coordinating body for all Student Sport Associations (SSAs) in Maastricht and is governed by students. The council has been established for indefinite time and is not driven by making profit. The main aim for the Sports Council is to promote the practice of sports by students from Maastricht University & Zuyd Hogeschool.


Sports Council MUSST supports SSAs in recruiting new members. Furthermore, the council distributes subsidies to support the joined SSAs and to all students registered at the Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool who are in possession of a membership ‘Sports’. A Student Sport Association can join Sports Council MUSST when fulfilling the requirements stated in the council’s amendment. These requirements are also listed in the chapter subsidies. Further, the council stimulates the organization and participation of sport events.


Members of Students Sport Associations can come to the Sports Council for information regarding registrations and subsidies for any tournament, as well as general information and advice.  Non-members in possession of a membership ‘Sports’ can also come to the MUSST for this kind of information. However, these non-members can only get subsidies for participating in (Large) National Student Championships.



Name Function Tasks
Caroline Frencken


President External contact, general policy, GNSK
Tobie van Zwieten




General correspondence, information provision to Student Sport Associations, Newsletter, Batavierenrace
Merle van Roosendaal


Treasurer Financial policy, regular subsidies, event subsidies, tournament subsidies, GNSK
 Martin Großenbeck


PR & Sponsoring commissioner Sponsoring, promotion, open days UM, INKOM, website, social media, international tournaments.


Reaching the Sports Council:

By email:

General musst@maastrichtuniversity.nl
President musst-vz@maastrichtuniversity.nl
Secretary musst-sc@maastrichtuniversity.nl
Treasurer musst-pm@maastrichtuniversity.nl
PR & Sponsoring commissioner musst-pr@maastrichtuniversity.nl