The SSAC (formerly SCOREN) recently underwent a makeover with a new name and logo. The SSAC is a cooperation between the Student Sports Associations (SSAs) in Maastricht and falls under the administration of MUSST. It is an organisation by students, for students with the goal of optimising the cooperation between SSAs. By forming one big group of SSAs a huge social network is created.

The primary target groups of SSAC are the SSAs and indirectly their members.

SSAC is organised by a committee, under the direction of the MUSST. Members of all SSAs can participate in this committee. The committee for 2017-2018 is comprised of:

  1. Bohdi Bakker
  2. Demi Jordans
  3. Ashlee van Haren
  4. Kristal Zaal
  5. Beate Lubs
  6. Janine van Loggerenberg

The committee organises all SSAC-related events during the year, including the Sports Gala and the INKOM parties. During the INKOM, SSAs present themselves to new students and potential new members. The SSAC supports the SSAs during the INKOM as an umbrella organisation.

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