The Batavierenrace is the largest relay race in the world. The next one will take place on 10 and 11th of May 2019. It is a relay race between Nijmegen and Enschede, divided in 25 stages diverging between 2.8 and 10 km. The organisation of this event is done by students from Nijmegen and Enschede. These students work an entire year to ensure that this event is a success.

To participate you do not need to be a professional or semi-professional runner. The aim of the Batavierenrace is for all participants to have a good time. After the relay race, there will be a large student party.

Everyone can subscribe for this event. You can subscribe as a team, with 25 different runners, or you can subscribe individually at the Sports council. The team has to appoint a team captain who is responsible for the team.

At the moment, we are still looking for fast runners who want to join the university team. Interested? Mail to ask your questions or sign in!

Contact person Sports Council MUSST: Maartje Weterings (