During the Large National Student Championships more than 1200 students compete from different Universities and Colleges of Advanced Education in at least 10 team sports for the title “Dutch Student Champion”. This year the 61st edition of the Large National Student Championships will take place in Amsterdam on the 14th, 15th and 16th of June. As usual, the fixed sports badminton, basketball, handball, fencing, squash, tennis, soccer and volleyball will be played. Besides, they have chosen for the following extra sports: boxing, e-sports, running, gymnastics, power lifting, waterpolo and cycle racing.

The Sports Council will inform the Maastricht students about the different sports during this event. If necessary, the Sports Council will coordinate selection training to send out the best teams. Moreover, a special information evening will be held, and we pursue to have everybody in the same ‘Team Maastricht clothes’. More information will follow in the newsletter.

The registrations will start in March 2019. 

Contact person Sports Council MUSST: Maartje Weterings (musst-sc@maastrichtuniversity.nl)