DBSV Red Socks is the Maastricht Student Football Club. We are geared towards being a professional and serious club, but there is always a relaxed and fun side to us, organizing drinks and activities for our members. We share our sport accomodation with another football club, RKHSV, but we are a fully independent club. We exist since 1998 and have around 200 members.

DBSV Red Socks’ teams play in the regular Dutch league. We therefore play against teams in the region, instead of against other student teams. At the moment our club exists of around 200 members spread over five regular outdoor mens teams, one outdoor ladies team and four indoor soccer teams. Our first team plays 4th league, which is pretty serious for a student club.

 We practice twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We play matches on Sunday (for most teams in the morning). You can just join our practice if you have a valid UM-sports membership without being a member. We are always looking for good players to stenghten our teams: so come on, give it a try!

Since the beginning of the 2007/2008 season, we started an indoor soccer team. We currently have four teams performing pretty good.  Our indoor teams also play in the regular Dutch competition, mostly on Mondays and Saturdays. The indoor teams practice once a week: on Tuesday evenings. For specific questions, please send an e-mail to our futsal committee (futsal@dbsvredsocks.nl).

 As a student football team, we also organize fun actitivities and parties for our members. Thursday night after practice is our club-night. We have some drinks and perhaps even go to the center of town to have a “small” party. We have our own club magazine “Black Redder” and organize tournaments and non-football related activities. Next to that, we organize the famous international B.A.R.T.-tournament, which takes place at the end of the season. Many members view this tournament as the highlight of the year! Do you want to combine your studies and playing sports? Are you up for a great deal of fun?

Come and join one of our practices or matches! We hope to welcome you soon!

MORE INFORMATION: http://www.dbsvredsocks.nl