Lustrum Activity: Space Jump

February 20, 2019 @ 8:30 pm
Space Jump Maastricht
Porseleinstraat 1a
MUSST Maastricht

We are still celebrating our 40 years anniversary and the lustrum activity is announced now: We are going to Space Jump!

Space Jump Maastricht is just opened and is the largest indoor trampoline park in Limburg. The Space Jump jump masters will teach you the most awesome tricks and skills. Besides, we can have some fun in the dodgeball arena and with the Sweeper. You can join this great activity at Wednesday 20 February. The jumping starts at 9pm, but we would like you to be there at 8.30pm, because payment (by card only, individually) and arrangement of socks needs to be done at the door and we don’t want to lose any time!
After one hour of jumping we will go into the city to have a drink together. MUSST will give away the first beer cask, so you don’t want to miss that!

Signing up can be done individually by sending an email to Please tell us your name and sports association and we will place you on the guest list. There are limited spaces available, so FULL = FULL!
(!) Be aware: no shows will be invoiced to the relevant student sports association afterwards.
Costs will be around €10,- per person (depending on the total amount of people signing up). This is exclusive €1,50 for special jump socks you are obliged to wear. It is also allowed to use your own gymnast shoes instead of the jump socks.
Please indicate in your email whether you need to buy jump socks or not, so we can arrange that in advance.

Hope to see you there!