Are you interested in running or in technical athletics and fun activities, then we are the right association for you! MSAV Uros is the Student Athletics Association of Maastricht. All practices start with a general warm-up for everybody, after which we split up in two groups. One of these is the running group. On Tuesday they will explore the hilly environment of Maastricht with a long distance-run. On Thursday this group practices on the track. The technical group offers practices in the different disciplines on Tuesday and Thursday. Of course you can change between groups as often as you would like.

We train every Tuesday and Thursday from 19.00 until 20.30 at ‘Sportpark Jekerdal’, located at the Mergelweg 120. On Tuesday you can practice with us if you have a UM sportscard (sign up + sports) without Uros membership. This allows you to decide whether Uros suits you before you have to pay a membership fee. Every month Uros organises activities for members, as well as drinks with other student sports association. The practice is for beginners as well as experienced athletes. If you’ve just started running and are not quite yet convinced of your endurance level, don’t hesitate! Hope to see you at the track!

MORE INFORMATION: visit our website or send an e-mail to bestuur@uros.nl!