In general Sports Council MUSST focuses on:

  1. Spreading the Sports Culture
  2. Professionalizing Board Support
  3. Communication and Visibility
  4. Network-Widening
  5. Strengthening the PR and Sponsoring Structure
  6. Social connection between SSA’s (SSAC)  Board 2018-2019 

For the upcoming academic year we selected some of above mentioned general goals to focus on. The goals are related closely to each other and determine how we will work together with the SSA’s and other partners.

To professionalize board support

As we both have lots of experience in several student association boards, we think we could help other boards to get more professional. We think this is necessary, because a solid base, which can be reached by professionalizing structure and organisation of associations,  is needed to make it possible for student sport in Maastricht to grow.

To increase the recognition of the MUSST and be associated with the SSA’s

We want to be closely related to the associations, so we know what is happening in the associations. In this way we can support them if needed. Furthermore, we want to emphasize our function as a council, so that the SSA’s know they can contact us when they experience any problems. In this way, we not only bond together to have a great time, we also help each other, learn from each other and can make MUSST more visible in the same time.