UM SPORTS- Student Sports association – Sports Council MUSST: Who and what?

UM SPORTS is the sports facility of Maastricht University and part of the Student Services Centre (SSC). She organizes and facilitates the sports program for students and employees of both the University and the University of Applied Sciences in Maastricht. The student sports associations (SSA’s) provide the atmosphere and team spirit which makes student sport so unique. UM SPORTS ensures that the SSA’s can concentrate on what is important by taking care of the prerequisites, like training facilities, material for the association and of course enthusiastic and qualified trainers. Further, the Sports council MUSST exists as an umbrella organization for all student sports associations. SSA’s can come here for help and advice on all kind of board related issues. Besides, one can request subsidies at the Sports Council MUSST for participating in tournaments, organizing events and for sports materials.

UM SPORTS, the student sports associations and the Sports Council MUSST are inextricably linked. This symbiosis ensures that student sports in Maastricht is performed on a high level, that there is a diversified and reasonably priced program and that doing sports in Maastricht is an experience which you can’t get anywhere else!

Next to financial, facility and personnel support for SSA’s, UM SPORTS also offers a broad sports program for individual athletes. For example, gym, spinning, group lessons, courses and sign up activities like modern dance or squash. The UM SPORTS membership Sports, which you need to become a member of a Student Sports Association provides access to a substantial part of the sports program.