Maastrichtse Studenten Alpen Club or MaasSAC for short, is the student climbing association of Maastricht. With currently around 150 members we are a group of outdoor enthusiasts, who love to climb, hike, and enjoy life. Whether you like bouldering, rockclimbing or alpinism, MaasSAC is for you! On Tuesdays we can be found in the bouldergym; on Thursdays in the climbing gym; on the weekends somewhere outdoors in Belgium; and on the holidays somewhere in the Alps. In short, MaasSAC is the place to be!

Are you completely new to climbing? Worry not! After joining you will get a basic climbing course to teach you how to climb and belay safely. From that moment you will be an independent climber and ready to climb as much as you’d like! There is even a possibility to become a climbing instructor yourself.

Interested? Send an email to: