In which part of the Netherlands are you able to cycle better than in the Dutch Mountains? Which part of the Netherlands has a more beautiful landscape with steep hills and impressive valleys than in the Dutch Mountains? Where in the Netherlands you find this sort of physically testing terrain than in the Dutch Mountains? In which part of the Netherlands you think you are cycling in a foreign country besides the Dutch Mountains?

It is not so remarkable that ten years ago a group of enthousiastic Mountainbikers and road racers found Dutch Mountains. This is an association for the cycling students in Maastricht. Smooth guys who are riding Scott’s made of Carbon, Women on Wheels who are giving all the men a hard time as well on the bike as in the bar. Wild Mountainbikers who like a nice ride over a competition. Everyone who possesses a UM sports card is invited to join us in one of our trainings. Especially if possess a bike of your own, feel free to join us!