The Maastricht Student Korfball association the Hippo’s was founded in 1990 by a group of enthousiastic korfball players, who besides playing a korfball game also enjoyed drinking beer. Throughout the years the Hippo’s has grown to a group of around 35 men and women from Maastricht University and Hogeshool Zuyd, who, like in the past, are both fanatic on the field and in the pub.

The Hippo’s play mixed korfball, but also exist out of some ‘womenkorfball’ players. The Hippo’s practice their skills once a week on artificial turf (or indoor when it gets too cold) with our trainer Dennis. The practices are diverse and focus on both tactics and technique. Everyone can start on their own level, since the exercises are easily adapted to your own speed and level at home. The tactics being practiced are, ofcourse, brought into practice during practice matches.

On the social level, the Hippo’s are an active association. Adhering to the motto: “nothing is mandatory, but everything is possible”, monthly drinks and activities are being organised. Yearly recurring activities include: dessertnight, to show your culinary qualities, and the ‘Walking or Cycling Blind Date Meal, to maybe meet your new love. Often going out nights with the Hippo’s or other Student Sport Associations are being held in the city or parties organised by SSAC, the coordinating organisation of all Student Sport Associations.

And then we haven’t even talked about the fun weekends filled with korfball and parties during the tournaments organised throughout the whole country. The Hippo’s are permanent visitors of the tournaments and are always very fanatic by (trying to) scoring points during these weekends.