With over 400 members, 30+ years of history and our own boathouse next to the most beautiful water of Maastricht. Saurus represents everything a student needs to begin his student-time with a flying start!
Whether you would want to row daily and on top sport level, or only when the sun shines highly above our heads; at Saurus, rowing is big business. Trainers, fitness equipment and even a solid fleet, we have everything in-house available for you to participate in the student sport of the world: rowing! It isn’t uncommon that even a novice rower can evolve into a top-level athlete within a few years.

However, it isn’t only rowing that makes our hearts beat faster. With our own building and bar, multiple fraternities and sororities, teams, commissions and everything else you will expect a student association to have, Saurus is one of the most versatile associations here in Maastricht.

Do you want to challenge yourself? Do you want to play sports and have an active social life on the side? Beer, without the belly? Do not hesitate any longer and grab your chance to join the best Maastricht has to offer!

We all know we are in Maastricht because we, at some time, want to graduate and follow our dreams. At Saurus we know that as no other, therefore you have the possibility to get yourself acquainted with skills you just cannot learn from books.

– Do you like to write? Grab a pen and write sharply written articles for our own newspaper.
– Join a fraternity or a sorority and enjoy many aspects of the student life.
– Take your family on a tour into your life at our ‘Brothers & Sisters – or Parent-day’.
– Learn how to use a sand-belt, to saw, glue and how to properly maintain one of our boats healthy and in a well condition.
– Use your smooth-talking skills as commentator at large rowing events.
– Bring love into the association: join the MENSA-commission and cook for a lot of Saurus members.
– Represent the Royal Dutch Rowing-association at every rowing match in (and outside) the Netherlands.
– Become a board member for a full year and learn what it takes to take control over this large association.
– But most of all: Do whatever floats your boat, and help turning Saurus into the best and greatest association of the Netherlands!

And bear this in mind; Saurus-members are also very active outside our own association. Many of us are represented in Faculty-boards at Maastricht University, the WorkGroup Inkom and many other extra-curricular instances.