We are M.S.Z.V. Tiburón, the Student Swimming Association of Maastricht. If you like to swim, but also want to combine this with monthly, optional activities, doing other fun things besides the practice-hours, joining committees, and making new friends, Tiburón is the association for you.

Studies have shown swimming makes you healthier, happier and sexier. This can be proven by the look and appearance of our members. We are one sexy bunch.

We go to competitions a few times a year and this season we became third in the overall student swim team ranking! Our lanes go from beginning to advanced swimmers. Our experienced coaches will make sure you are in your right lane.

If this made you curious you are more than welcome to join a try out practice in Maastricht’s finest pool; The Geusselt, and maybe join our Tiburón family afterwards.

For more information check our website!

Or send us an e-mail: mszvtiburon@maastrichtuniversity.nl

We train three times a week for 1 hour (and 15 minutes) each session on Mondays (21:30) Tuesdays (19:30) and Thursdays (20:00). We enter the pool 15 minutes before the training starts. So we ask you to be there at 21:15 on Mondays, 19:15 on Tuesdays and 19:45 on Thursdays.