All previous boards for the Student Sports Council MUSST


  • President: Rosanne Vosters
  • Secretary: Nova Tamminga
  • Treasurer: Sebastian Govea


  • President: Luuk Roelofs
  • Secretary: Lea Kölsch
  • Treasurer: Toine Wehrens
  • Commissioner PR & Sponsoring: Suzanne Steinbusch


  • President: Anouk van Ool
  • Secretary: Floor Hegge
  • Treasurer: Toine Wehrens
  • Commissioner PR & Sponsoring: Famke Nouwens


  • President: Jurriaan Berger
  • Secretary: Jan-Willem Verstraaten
  • Treasurer: Lindsey Bacas (till 16 March 2020)
  • Commissioner PR: Pruthvi-Gerben Patel (till 16 March 2020)
  • Commissioner Sport: Nadia Segers 


  • President: Maximiliaan Verbeeten
  • Secretary: Maartje Weterings


  • President: Carlijn Piepers
  • Secretary: Isabelle Porskamp
  • Treasurer: Sjoerd van Dijk
  • Commissioner PR & Sponsoring: Iris Hillige


  • President: Caroline Frencken
  • Secretary: Tobie van Zwieten
  • Treasurer: Merle van Roozendaal
  • Commissioner PR & Sponsoring: Martin Grossenbeck

Since other previous board members have not given their explicit consent to be mentioned on this page, that information is not shared. In case of any inquires or if you would like to have your name mentioned. Please get in touch with the MUSST Secretary via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..