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Rowing is described as the most typical student sport in the Netherlands! Rowers are known for their endurance, perseverance and discipline. It’s a sport you can do together in a team of up to eight people, or by yourself in a skiff. Rowing is about both cardio and strength and competition is possible on every level, from a relaxed one training a week to eight or more trainings every week as a recognised professional athlete.

In Maastricht, you can row at M.S.R.V. Saurus.

Saurus is a student sports association which means that besides rowing we also offer a wide variety of other possible activities. Since we have our own boathouse, we also have our own bar! At Saurus you can participate in committees, year clubs, sororities and fraternities. You can row, you can coach, you can cox, or a combination of the three. Sporting and enjoying other parts of your student life, Saurus is all about the power of combination!

If you like more information about Saurus, rowing or other related topics, don’t hesitate to send an email. Signing up for Saurus is only possible during the INKOM.