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M.S.T.V. Stennis is one of the largest sports associations in Maastricht, and definitely one of the nicest! By organizing various activities, the association offers the ideal combination of tennis, socializing and fun.  

Stennis offers the possibility to improve your tennis skills by joining tennis training session and by offering the possibility to participate in competitions and tournaments. In addition to tennis, since 2019 there is also the possibility to play padel at Stennis with corresponding padel training sessions, tournaments, and competitions.

Rather want to watch a good match while enjoying a drink with friends and joining other fun activities? Again Stennis is the place to be! It is possible to join one of the ten committees Stennis has to offer. Every Thursday evening the committee meets up for dinner and a drink, before continuing onwards to our favorite bar 'de Boschpoort'. Here all Stennis members meet up for a great night.

There is absolutely no need to worry about getting bored during the year as Stennis, since besides thursday evenings there are also other activities, such as theme parties, internal & external activities, the famous Stennis cantus, winter sports, the members weekend, and much more! M.S.T.V Stennis is definitely the best decision for having an amazing time as a student!