Are you looking forward to find people just like yourself to play the most popular sport in the world? Then join DBSV Redsocks!

We were founded in 1998 and have more than 200 members coming from over 25 different countries. From our 9 football teams, 5 are dedicated to men’s outdoor football, 2 are men’s indoor teams and 2 are women’s outdoor teams. So, you are certainly going to find an option that suits you well.

Off the pitch you can expect numerous fun activities planned for you and your fellow DBSVer to help you forget your studies a bit.

So, if you already love the beautiful game or if you want to get to know it, DBSV is the place to go!


We hope to see you!


website: www.dbsvredsocks.nl

IG: @dbsvredsocks

FB: dbsvredsocks