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Dutch Mountains

Dutch Mountains? Yes - they really do exist and we are very eager to show you these "Mountains", as that is what we do, cycling! We ride up and down the hills in Limburg, the climbs in the Ardennes, Eiffel, Les Vosges, Spain and most spectacularly the Alps. Riding on the flats is also an option, should you wish to challenge a riverside KOM or visit the lovely town of Tongeren. Besides cycling, we also offer a lot of social activities (as soon as these are permitted again) where we get to know each other off the saddle.

The best part of cycling is central to our association, this being freedom. Whether you're intent on setting new records every single day or if you're more of a relaxed rider, feel free to join us!

If you wish to attend one of our training sessions, you will need to sign up as a member. For more details, please visit our website.