Welcome to MSHV Manos, the student handball association in Maastricht! Manos is one of the youngest students associations of Maastricht and since our in start in 1999 we have grown tremendously and continue to excite new active members each year. One of our most important activities is of course playing handball. We practice every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon at UM sports and participate in several tournaments all across the Netherlands. A peak every year is the Great Dutch Student Tournament (GNSK) where we particpate with two semi-professional teams and aim at the first place! Other tournaments take place in Nijmegen, Utrecht, and Eindhoven. Moreover our girls team plays in a weekly competition against other teams from the region.

Playing handball goes hand in hand with a lot of FUN: We provide as many funny and exciting activities as possible for our members including house crawls, pub quizzes, and karaoke. At our house bar Twee Heeren, Manos members will get exclusive offers for drinks and dinner.

If you are interested to get the most out of your student life and get the ultimate combination of sports and socializing, come and join