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De Hippo’s

MSKV de Hippo’s is the student korfball association of Maastricht since 1990. Korfball has some similarities to netball and basketball and a team contains of 4 females and 4 males. Each team has a defending and attacking side and their own pole to defend. Co-operation is crucial since you cannot walk with the ball, but this also makes the sport very tactical and dynamic!

Every year, there are around 30 students at the Hippo’s. We have one practice a week of 1,5 hour and we have some drinks after in the canteen. Most of our members are Dutch, but we also have a few internationals. Our practices are suitable for every level, from beginner to prof! Throughout the year, we also have student korfball tournaments in other student cities in the Netherlands for a whole weekend, with of course also parties. Besides, we try to plan an activity at least once a month and we have a member weekend twice a year!