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De Hippo’s

The Hippo's are an social group of students who love to be play korfball! The association was founded in 1990 by a couple of students who wanted to play korfball but also liked to drink a beer now and then. Throughout the years the Hippo’s has grown to a group of around 30 men and women from Maastricht University and Hogeshool Zuyd, who, like in the past, are both fanatic on the field and in the pub.

Once a week we train with our trainer Dennis. The practices are diverse and focus on both tactics and technique. The practices are suitable for every level, from beginner to prof!  We always like to see new faces during the practices. If you want to join sometime, just contact us.

We organise activities as well, varying from laser gaming to a cycling blind date diner but also twice a year a members weekend. For these activities we have the motto; nothing is mandatory, everything is possible. These activities are a great way to get to know all members, build great friendships and have a good laugh. 

Our practice is on Tuesday evening in spring and autumn (outdoor season) and Monday evening in the winter (indoor season).