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Fyrfad is the student volleyball association of Maastricht! We are founded in 1998 and have currently around 180 members. For every level there is a team, so don’t worry if you have never touched a volleyball before or if you are an advanced volleyball player. We have 13 teams: 4 men and 9 women. The beginner team trains once a week and does not play matches. The women teams are split into two categories: week teams that have training once a week and a game during the week, and weekend teams that have trainings twice a week with matches on Saturday. The men teams have the same schedule as the women weekend teams. Trainings will in the evening at UM Sport. The levels range from 4e till 1st class.

Besides volleyball, we offer a lot of fun activities. The year starts off with try-outs (Instuif) and afterwards introduction activities every Tuesday for 4 weeks for the new (and old) members. In October we have our famous membersweekend. In June, we battle against other volleyballers at the Hajraa-tournament. These are just examples of many of the fun activities held throughout the year. Are you looking for a combination between sports and social events? Have a look at our website for more information or send us a mail!