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UM Cheerleading

Many people think that cheerleading is a sport that only includes choreographed dances and pom poms. This, however, is not the case. At UM Cheerleading we do competitive cheerleading which is quite different. Competitive cheerleading is a combination of acrobatics, gymnastics and performance arts. Our routines include a variety of tricks and stunts from these disciplines for which we have to work together really well in order to pull them off. Because we need such good coordination to perform our stunts, this sport is considered to be a very social one. We all speak English since we have many international members and to make sure everybody can understand what is going on during our practise.

We currently have three teams at UM Cheerleading; Legends, Heroes, and Warriors. Between these teams there is a difference in emphasis on specific parts of cheerleading. Legends is more focussed on tumbling and short routines that mostly include stunts whereas Heroes is more focussed on longer routines that include parts such as dancing. Our newest team, Warriors, is for members that enjoy cheerleading for fun, and want to learn the basics as well as being introduced to side-line cheerleading! Are you ready for the orange-blue family?

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