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The student athletics association Uros (‘Unidentified Running ObjectS’) was founded in 1991. Gradually, the association has grown into a large sports association in Maastricht.

Uros practices twice a week at the Jekerdal sports fields. The workout session starts with a warm-up, including a few laps on the track, stretching, and running drills. After the warm-up, the group is divided into the technical athletes and the runners. The technical group practices short- and long sprints as well as any technical events (i.e., long jump, high jump, javelin, discus). The runners run off the track close to St. Pieter’s on Tuesdays and do intervals on the track on Thursdays.

Throughout the year, Uros participates in several (inter)national competitions. There are competitions for everyone: runners can join events like the National Student Championships (NSK) Ekiden (marathon distance run by a team of 6 runners), NSK road or NSK cross, the Zevenheuvelenloop, Hart van Brabantrace, or Batavierenrace, as well as the numerous local competitions organized around Maastricht. There are also many options for technical athletes: NSK track, NSK indoor, and NSK teams as competitions for Atletiek Maastricht. Uros also shows up at some international competitions, for example in London, Paris, and Budapest, which is always a lot of fun.

What is important to us at Uros is having fun at the practices and outside the track. Every month, Uros organizes several activities such as a beer tasting, a pool night, an evening float fit, a dinner at the track, or special activities such as a New Year’s dinner or a member’s weekend.