??‍? SSA Career Day ??‍?

It is now possible to subscribe for the SSA Career Day, organised by MUSST and M.S.R.V Saurus! It will take place on 23 February so make sure your secure a spot!

You will find an incredible program waiting for you to give your career a boost! Join us for inspiring lectures during Get Educated, take one of the amazing workshops and get your professional photo taken to shine on your CV or LinkedIn! ? All events will take place entirely online, except for the photos and the video workshop (if possible with COVID). ??‍?

The programme of the day can be found below:


Subscribe here: https://mijn.msrvsaurus.nl/carriereweek/

Accessible for all members of all Student Sports Associations! ??‍♀️⛹?‍♂️

Questions? Send us an email! ?