The Student Sports Council MUSST wishes you a wonderful Christmas🎄 and a joyful holiday season! May your days be bright, filled with warmth, love, and moments of happiness. Here's to a wonderful year ahead!🌟

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🎅✨

What an incredible Sports Day it was on the 9th of December 2023! We came together, played hard, and had a blast refining our sports skills while bonding with fellow board members. From intense games of badminton thrilling rounds of volleyball and basketball, and even hip-hop dancing, every moment was pure fun and energy! 🏸🏐🎶🏀 Moreover, a joyful dodgeball session reminded us about childhood and reflex skills.

Huge thanks to everyone who joined in.🥳💥



 On Friday, the 17th of November, we had great time together at the MUSST Kaderdag. The boards of Student Sports Associations had the chance to learn something new and also to get new connections within each other!😊

We started with a Speed Dating session and continued with a workshop about nutrition. In the end, a session of brainstorming about how to improve the visibility and promotion was held. 

Thank you all for joining!